Sector Overview

Unit Export has immense experience in providing automotive vehicles for a variety of projects in a range of developing countries all across the globe. The procurement of vehicles is a sector in which Unit Export has specialist experience, having provided the full range of automotive vehicles to countries in developing countries, for projects funded by multilateral lenders. There is a range of challenges during these projects that have to be overcome. The shipping of large vehicles is a challenge we have the experience and relationships to overcome, due to our experience in this sector.

Projects completed

Our portfolio of completed projects in the automotive sector is diverse and large, some of which can be found here. The projects that have been managed and overseen, range from large, heavy-duty vehicles to transport waste, to the provision and supply of motorcycles to help reduce emissions from deforestation. As with all the procurement contracts undertaken here at Unit Export, the automotive projects are overseen by a project manager, often resulting in in-country visits to ensure the project fits the requirements and satisfies all parties.