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Mr. Toomey’s success arose from his loyalty, discipline and his desire to achieve operational excellence. The values he installed in his teams are at the forefront of all staff member’s mind and are at the core of how we function.

Born in Langdon Hills, in 1938 he was the youngest by 5 years of seven children. At 16, Michael John Toomey started his working life on Fizakallys Farm in South Woodham Ferrers before taking a position in the Army – which he absolutely loved! He became an expert weapons instructor and trained officers many levels above him. Michael John Toomey thrived in a disciplined environment and embraced this opportunity to serve the nation wholeheartedly.

Upon his return to the UK, he pursued his passion of property and construction – working on a sub-contract basis for a local builder. This kick-started his career in the construction industry.  

"There isn't anything you can't do, work hard at it and you will achieve!"

-Michael John Toomey

The Start of his Entrepreneurial Journey...

In 1968, Michael John Toomey acquired a controlling interest in the company started by his father in 1929 – Laindon Holdings Limited. From this point, he dedicated his life to the company – working relentless to improve the business’ operational performance and evolve the company to what it is now.

Mr. Toomey believed that if you gave everything your all, then you could achieve anything. He always envisioned the construction of his retirement apartment concept that he matured. He was convinced that his innovative approach was the right one and remained persistent with the idea that took 15 years to come into fruition.

In 2021, Michael John Toomey registered a new Charity called the Joseph Toomey Charitable Organisation. The organisation was named after his Father – Joseph Toomey. Joseph Toomey started the business back in 1929. The Joseph Toomey Charitable Organisation objective is to relieve the needs of the elderly persons through provision of low-cost home ownership and associated services to address their needs in the local community. 

"You'll miss 100% of every opportunity you never take"

-Michael John Toomey

His Unwavering Loyalty to Staff and Partnerships

Across his businesses, Mr. Toomey led 380 staff, all of whom were close to his heart and of high importance to him. The family he had created, providing employees with an environment where they felt comfortable working for several years was one of his proudest achievements. He was delighted with the number of long-serving employees within his businesses and that he had created a trusting a loyal relationship between each other. 

Being aware to the commitment and contribution from every member of staff, as well as his optimistic energy won the faith of everyone. He believed that opportunities were there to be taken and had an eye for developing strategies to continuously improve the performance of how his businesses operated.

A large part of this was a result of his development of long-standing partnerships. MJT Securities now have an impressive portfolio of partners, assisting in the providing of the best possible service across all industries.

"You'll miss 100% of every opportunity you never take"

-Michael John Toomey

He was an inspiration to us all and influenced many lives in the past. His legacy will live on and we have memories that can never be erased. He is deeply and sadly missed throughout the Group of MJT Securities Ltd.