Project Details

X-Ray Scanners for Refugee Camps

Project Description

A contract with the United Nations for the supply of four (4) baggage X-ray scanners as part of their ongoing support to the Royal Jordanian Government’s humanitarian refugee operations

Project Overview

Produced in the Philippines and then shipped through to Jordan in crated containers, the units offer a clear picture of hidden explosives, weapons, drugs and other contraband in hand-carried and small to mid-sized items. A dual-view scanning system displays two separate, perpendicular X-ray images to provide a complete inspection in a single scan.

Installation and training was provided at the refugee camps for SRAD Officers who will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the systems. The manufacturer’s engineers flew in from the Philippines and Dubai, as well as with Unit Export staff in attendance, to undertake the services at both camps.

Project: X-Ray Scanners for Refugee Camps

Sector: Security

Client: United Nations

Destination: Jordan

Status: Successfully delivered, installed and training provided