Project Details

Tuvalu Waste Management Equipment


Project Description

Unit Export were awarded the contract to supply a large package of equipment to the Government of Tuvalu to assist in the improvement of their waste management processes.

Project Overview

This high profile contract, funded by the European Union, involved the supply and delivery of a range of equipment, including tractors, trailers, excavators, wheel loaders, vegetation chippers and ATV’s. The equipment was sourced in the region from manufacturers and suppliers based in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji, thus securing regional support for the end user to improve the long term sustainability of the equipment and ultimately ensure the projects objectives and goals.

The equipment was delivered to Funafuti and then distributed to seven of the outer islands. Due to the nature of the islands, the inter-island delivery was complicated and full of risks, however Unit Export were able to navigate the complications and risks and all of the goods were successfully delivered to the respective islands.

Project: Tuvalu Waste Management

Sector: Agriculture

Client: European Union and the Government of Tuvalu

Destination: Tuvalu and seven of the outer islands

Status: Successfully delivered to respective islands