Project Details

Togo Ampliroll Trucks and Skips


Project Description

Unit Export Limited were contracted to supply an array of Ampliroll equipment – five (5) trucks and twenty-six (26) skips. This project was completed successfully as part of the European Union European Development Fund, Togo.

Project Overview

The trucks were manufactured by Renault Trucks, based in France, while the skips began manufacture in Turkey. These were then shipped to Lomé, the capital of Togo. Following the appropriate training on using these heavy-duty vehicles, the goods will be used to collect general waste in the towns of Tsévié, Sokodé and Kara.

Project: The European Development Fund Deputy National Authorising Officer (L’Ordonnateur National Suppléant du FED)

Sector: Transport/Waste Management

Client: The Ministry of Development Planning and Cooperation (Le Ministère de la Planification du Développement et de la Coopération)

Destination: Togo

Status: Successfully Delivered and Completed.