Project Details

Tajikistan All-Terrain Vehicles


Project Description

Unit Export were awarded a contract to supply and deliver nine (9) Specialist All-Terrain Vehicles as part of the UNDP Border Management in Northern Afghanistan project in Tajikistan.

Project Overview

These will be used to patrol remote and hard-to-reach border areas along the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border. This region is very mountainous and there are hardly any roads and very few tracks. These highly capable Polaris ATVs provide the project with a rapid response solution to mobilizing their patrols into difficult terrain at short notice and were also provided with infrared lights and communications devices for patrol squads as well as spare parts and consumables for maintenance of the equipment.

Project: Tajikistan All-Terrain Vehicles

Sector: Automotive

Client: UNDP Border Management

Destination: Tajikistan

Status: Successfully delivered