Project Details

St. Lucia Hospital Furnishing


Project Description

Over the course of two procurement contracts, Unit Export were tasked with the provision and installation of new fixed medical furniture as well as general equipment for the new National Hospital in St. Lucia.

Project Overview

The fixed furniture elements included NHS grade cabinets, worktops, rolling file storage as well as various other pieces of furniture such as hanging hooks and bookshelves. All elements had to be fitted in precise places throughout the new hospital wings according to detailed drawings provided by the project.

The remaining contract consisted of cleaning furniture and materials, equipment and kitchen tools, office materials, small appliances and workshop tools, equipment and furniture. In order to complete the large amount of installation work, Unit Export used existing relationships with different contractors in the region and two site visits were conducted by our staff from the UK to ensure that everything was running as planned.

This project forms part of what has been called the largest donation the European Union has made in the East Caribbean and was therefore a key project that Unit Export are proud to have been a part of.

Project: St. Lucia Hospital Furnishing

Sector: Health and Education

Client: European Union

Destination: St. Lucia

Status: Successfully delivered and installed