Project Details

Somaliland Ductile Iron Pipes


Project Description

One of Unit Export’s most significant projects to date, this contract involved the supply of 23 kilometres of ductile iron pipes and fittings to the Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrade Project (HUWSUP) in Somaliland.

Project Overview

With a project of this size, the need for precise project management was paramount, and as such visits were conducted with the factory in China as well as to the final project site to ensure that everything ran smoothly. The freight for the enormous amount of iron work was completed over the course of several shipments, with a total of 500 containers of pipes and fittings being transported from Tianjin to the HUWSUP site.

The overall objective of the project is to improve access to safe and affordable water for vulnerable households in urban areas of Hargeisa city, through the expanded supply of drinking water from sustainable water source, whilst also creating employment opportunities for the local population.

Project: Somaliland Ductile Iron Pipes

Sector: Construction

Client: Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrade Project

Destination: Somaliland

Status: Delivered after numerous inspections