Project Details

Rwanda Crane Trucks

Unit Export Limited Crane Trucks Rwanda

Project Description

UEL were contracted to supply 3 Renault 6×4 heavy duty crane trucks to the Energy Development Corporation Limited of Rwanda.

Project Overview

The contract, financed by the African Development Bank saw the truck chassis’ be sourced by a long term partner of the company – Renault Trucks.  These were then shipped to Turkey to be fitted with cargo bodies and heavy duty telescopic cranes. After testing and inspection, the vehicles were loaded onto flat-rack containers and wrapped in protective plastic as they were shipped to Mombasa. From here, the trucks were attached to low-loader vehicle trailers for the final part of their journey to Kigali, Rwanda.

Project: 3 Crane trucks to Rwanda

Sector: Construction

Client: Energy Development Corporation Limited of Rwanda

Destination: Kigali, Rwanda

Status: Delivered and Training Provided