Project Details

Drilling Rig to Marshall Islands

Project Description

UEL were contracted to supply a drilling rig and accessories designed for atoll environments to The Pacific Community (SPC) in the Marshall Islands for the “Managing Coastal Aquifers Project in Selected Pacific SIDS (MCAP)”.

Project Overview

The project aims to improve the understanding, use, management, and protection of coastal aquifers to enhance water security, especially in the context of a changing climate. Specifically, the project focuses on:

  1. Identifying the extent, threats, and development potential of groundwater resources.
  2. Increasing awareness of groundwater as a crucial water supply source.
  3. Providing options for improved access to groundwater.
  4. Enhancing aquifer protection and management within Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

In the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), the project involves drilling investigation holes and constructing monitoring wells in atoll environments to monitor groundwater and support groundwater management efforts.

The drilling rig and related equipment were delivered to Majuro, RMI, and are currently being used in the outer atoll islands. These remote locations have limited technical capacity, service providers, and access to suppliers of equipment and materials. Consequently, the drilling rig is designed to be robust, portable, and relatively low-tech. This allows it to be easily transported across and between islands in small boats, facilitating setup and operation without the need for specialized equipment.

The drilling rig was manufactured in Thailand and shipped to Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, in September 2023.

Project: Managing Coastal Aquifers Project in Selected Pacific SIDS (MCAP).

Sector: Agriculture and Construction

Client: The Pacific Community (SPC) in Marshall Islands

Destination: Marshall Islands

Status: Delivered and Completed