Project Details

Mali Airport Runway Scrubber

Project Description

UEL were contracted to supply of a specialist Runway Scrubber unit to Gao in Mali.

Project Overview

UEL recently completed a pivotal project in support of United Nations operations in Gao, Mali. This venture involved the procurement and delivery of a specialized Runway Scrubber unit designed to ensure the safety and efficiency of airfield operations. The unit, sourced and constructed in the USA, was meticulously transported through Cotonou, Benin, and Niamey, Niger, with a dedicated UN escort from the Niger/Mali border to the UN base in Gao.

The Runway Scrubber’s role is paramount in maintaining safe take-offs and landings, as well as ensuring the visibility of crucial runway markings. Over time, rubber accumulates on the runway, necessitating regular removal. Employing high-pressure water jets and brushes, this cutting-edge vehicle effectively eliminates this buildup.

Upon arrival at the United Nations operations base in Gao in 2022, the unit underwent commissioning overseen by our expert Unit Export Team. Full training sessions were conducted for the UN Team, ensuring they were proficient in operating and maintaining the equipment.

Project: Mali Airport Runway Scrubber

Sector: Other

Client: United Nations

Destination: Gao, Mali

Status: Delivered and Training Provided