Project Details

Malawi Water Meter Test Bench


Project Description

Unit Export was awarded the contract to supply LWB with a water meter test bench system for delivery to their Lilongwe Head Office facility.

Project Overview

As part of a project to assist in water resource management and revenue collection, the Lilongwe Water Board required a test and calibration facility to ensure their water meters were accurate and reliable. The specification was detailed and complex design brief was needed, meaning a bespoke system had to be designed with very specific requirements. Unit Export identified a qualified manufacturer and put a comprehensive proposal together. The system was then tested and calibrated, before being dismantled and shipped to Malawi, where upon its arrival, a team of 3 engineers travelled to Malawi, to test the system and provide training to the LWB staff.

Project: Malawi Water Meter Test Bench

Sector: Marine

Client: Lilongwe Water Board

Destination: Lilongwe, Malawi

Status: Successfully delivered, tested and training provided