Project Details

Jordan Chemical Detection


Project Description

Over the course of two separate contracts, Unit Export has recently supplied a set of chemical detection and identification units to a UN funded project within Jordan.

Project Overview

This included 10 unit of the Sabre 5000 handheld chemical and explosive detection devices whilst the chemical identification came in the form of 5 HazMat ID Elite devices, all from Smiths Detection. The equipment supplied by Unit Export will be used as part of an effort with the Jordanian security services to improve security at sensitive border points around Jordan.

The units will be sent to various sites and their handheld nature ensures an ease of mobility, be it with an operator moving about at one checkpoint, or the ability to transport units between locations if a greater number are needed at any one time.

Project: Jordan Chemical Detection

Sector: Security

Client: United Nations

Destination: Jordan

Status: Successfully delivered