Project Details

Central African Republic Trucks and Containers


Project Description

Unit Export was awarded the contract for the supply of 15m3 Roll Containers and Hook-Lift Trucks to transport filled containers, as part of the Urban Development Programme for the town of Bangui and Bimbo.

Project Overview

Unit Export selected Renault trucks that were 6×4 chassis rated at 26 tonnes payload and then shipped them to Turkey to be equipped with 22 tonne hook-lift mechanisms manufactured by KIO group. The trucks will be used to transport waste in 15m3┬ároll containers, 40 of which were supplied to the project as part of the contract. The finished trucks and containers were shipped through to Douala in Cameroon, before beginning a 1400km journey over land to reach the land locked nation.


Project: Central African Republic Trucks and Containers

Sector: Waste Management

Client: Urban Development Programme

Destination: Central African Republic

Status: Successfully delivered and constructed