Project Details

Belarus Reed Harvester and Baler


Project Description

Unit Export were contracted by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Republic of Belarus to supply a self-propelled tracked reed harvesting machine as well as a tractor towed bio-baler.

Project Overview

The equipment for this project forms part of the EU/UNDP managed Clima-East project concerning the conservation and sustainable management of peatlands in Belarus to minimize carbon emissions and help ecosystems to adapt to climate change. To satisfy UNDP specifications, Unit Export sourced the reed harvester from a UK manufacturer and the bio-baler from a Canadian manufacturer.

The equipment provided is being utilised in Zvaniec and Sporauskaje peatlands in Drahicyn and Biaroza districts in Belarus – the two largest lowland bogs in Europe. They will clear peatland vegetation and produce biomass that can be pelleted and used as a source of fuel to avoid excess emissions. Both units were shipped to site before being reassembled, with extensive training being organised for the staff.

Project: Belarus Reed Harvester and Baler

Sector: Agriculture

Client: UNDP

Destination: Belarus

Status: Successfully delivered with training organised