The safest way to lift and relocate an elephant in a protected national park is to lift them by their legs onto the back of a lorry or into a container. However, weighing as much as they do some heavy lifting equipment is required to complete the job.

An example of an existing truck being used in conservation projects


Unit Export was therefore contracted by the UNDP in Zambia to supply of a truck suitable for the relocation of sedated elephants in the bush. In order to cope with the weight and the rough terrain found in the bush, an Iveco 6×6 truck was selected with a GVW of 33 tonnes.

The truck was imported from Italy to the UK where a 23 ton capacity Fassi crane was fitted as well as stabilizing feet. It was then shipped to the UNDP in Zambia and inspected before being put to use relocating elephants and ensuring they are in the best location for their future survival.


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