As part of a worldwide Customs and Border Protection Programme to assist in the battle against illegal drugs and contraband in South America, Unit Export supplied equipment and tools to help the local authorities locate the presence of hidden contraband such as illegal drugs, narcotics, cash, weapons, explosives, and other items that are smuggled into and around the area.

The supply consisted of Contraband Detectors and Fiberscopes complete with accessories and training to perform vehicle and cargo inspections at any location using the latest innovative and high technology products to prevent contraband and prohibited or restricted goods moving through the country.

The Contraband Detector is designed to detect drugs, explosives, weapons, currency and much more. It is a fast and effective way of detecting contraband concealed in objects such as containers, tires, car doors, fuel tanks and other objects which can contain illegal substances. The Fiberscope is a rugged inspection device capable of producing a high-resolution image and is used to examine and inspect small, difficult-to-reach places such as the inside of machinery, petrol tanks, etc.



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