Belarus Reed Harvester and Baler

Unit Export were contracted by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Republic of Belarus to supply a self-propelled tracked reed harvesting machine as well as a tractor towed bio-baler. The equipment forms part of the EU/UNDP managed Clima-East project … Continue Reading

Turkey Waste Containers

Through the European Union funded Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) Programme in Turkey, Unit Export was contracted to supply various types of waste containers to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. The containers were sourced from a local Turkish Manufacturer and then … Continue Reading

St. Lucia Hospital Furnishing

Over the course of two procurement contracts, Unit Export were tasked with the provision and installation of new fixed medical furniture as well as general equipment for the new National Hospital in St. Lucia. This forms part of what has … Continue Reading

Jamaica Maternal Ambulances

A contract funded through the European Union for the supply of six ambulances for the Ministry of Health in Jamaica. The procurement contract forms part of the Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PROMAC) and the ambulance … Continue Reading

Cyprus Waste Handling Containers

Unit Export supplied and installed refrigerated containers and skips for a solid waste management project in Cyprus with a focus on the collection, transport and disposal of animal by-products. This venture forms part of the EU’s Aid Programme for the … Continue Reading

Pacific Island Water Tanks

A contract through the Secretariat of the Pacific Community to supply water tanks and appurtenances to Fais Island (Micronesia) and Koror (Palau). The tanks and accessories were provided as part of the Global Climate Change Alliance: Pacific Small Island States … Continue Reading

Croatia Tourist Train

In an illustration of just how broad our procurement range can be, Unit Export were successfully awarded a contract to supply a Tourist Train to the Kopacki Rit Nature Park in Croatia for a project to aid tourism in the … Continue Reading

Seychelles Water Meter Test Bench

As part of “Project Neptune”, a project funded by the European Investment Bank, European Union and French Development Agency, Unit Export were awarded a contract for the supply of a Water Meter Test Bench to the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) in … Continue Reading

Tuvalu Waste Management Equipment

Unit Export were successfully awarded a contract to supply a large package of equipment to the Government of Tuvalu. This was a high profile contract funded by the European Union to assist in Tuvalu’s efforts to improve its waste management … Continue Reading

Nicaragua Motorcycles

As part of a project funded by the European Union in Central America, Unit Export Ltd delivered a total of 34 high-quality motorcycles complete with safety helmets and rain coats to support the work of the Ministry of Development, Industry … Continue Reading