As part of “Project Neptune”, a project funded by the European Investment Bank, European Union and French Development Agency, Unit Export were awarded a contract for the supply of a Water Meter Test Bench to the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. The test bench is being used to calibrate and certify new and existing water meters to ensure accurate metering and billing and to assist in reducing unaccounted for water usage.

During the implementation of the contract a factory inspection and acceptance test was organised, after which the goods were safely packed and shipped to Victoria. Upon arrival a team from the factory travelled to The Seychelles to unpack, install and commission the bench in a dedicated room at PUC’s offices. A comprehensive training programme was then conducted to ensure the PUC’s staff were competent in operation of the bench and its systems.

Project Neptune is part of a Resource Efficiency Programme being implemented in The Seychelles. The programme is aimed to improve water demand management and drought risk mitigation whilst also assisting the PUC in delivering a sustainable water supply and its long-term efficiency objectives. This programme will also support the PUC in building capacity for comprehensive and integrated water resource management.


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