A contract through the Secretariat of the Pacific Community to supply water tanks and appurtenances to Fais Island (Micronesia) and Koror (Palau). The tanks and accessories were provided as part of the Global Climate Change Alliance: Pacific Small Island States Project, which is solely funded by the European Union.

The islands have started to suffer with extreme weather, periods of drought and changes in rainfall patterns as a result of climate change. The tanks provided will enable the island’s residents to cope better with these current and future challenges in their remote locations.



The tanks, fittings and other equipment required for installation were sourced from a company in New Zealand and then travelled 6000 kilometres via transhipments out of Auckland, Suva (Fiji), Majuro (Marshall Islands) and Yap (Micronesia) to finally reach their destinations.

An added difficulty on Fais Island was the fact that it lacks any form of jetty to unload vessels, local islanders were enlisted to assist in transferring the goods from the ship moored offshore, to the island itself. An illustration of Unit Exports’ capability to assist with projects in all corners of the globe, no matter how remote, whilst also overcoming the challenges that can become apparent through delivery of goods.

Photography supplied courtesy of Secretariat of the Pacific Community.




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