A contract funded through the European Union for the supply of six ambulances for the Ministry of Health in Jamaica. The procurement contract forms part of the Programme for the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality (PROMAC) and the ambulance units will be used to transport expectant mothers between health centres and hospitals in cases of emergencies.

The ambulances will be deployed to four primary health care centres and two community hospitals: Mandeville, St Jago Park, Annotto Bay and Savanna-la-Mar Health Centres, Chapelton, and the Alexandria Community Hospitals.



Based on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, the vehicles were transported to a specialist ambulance converter in Turkey where they were fitted with all the equipment required by the project. When inspections were complete and the project’s chosen livery was applied to the exterior of the vehicles, they were shipped through to Kingston.



Upon arrival in Jamaica a training course was provided for health workers in both a practical and classroom based setting. The ambulances were then officially handed over to the Ministry of Health and PROMAC with the Jamaican Minister for Health in attendance.

It is hoped these units will give better service to maternal health care for those that previously might not have had access through monetary or geographical issues, providing a lifeline to mothers and infants in the country.




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