A contract completed for the Oil and Gas Capacity Building Project with the Environmental Protection Agency in Ghana through World Bank Funds. The patrol vessel is operated from Takoradi Naval Base and was named “Posra” (local dialect for “Squid”) due to its quick response to changing environments and requirement for clean water to survive.



Through a highly technical tender process, Unit Export worked with a UK company in Newcastle to propose a design based on the various requirements laid out by the project. During the build inspections were performed at key stages and when the vessel was complete, representatives from the EPA were flown to the UK for full sea trials. The patrol boat passed all tests and was then shipped through to the naval base in Ghana.



The design is well suited for survey work, patrolling, and when required fast response rescue. Capabilities include seating for 12 persons (including 2 crew), a maximum speed of 40+ knots and a range well in excess of 220 nautical miles. The vessel was supplied with a trailer suitable for beach launching, a full suite of navigational as well as communications equipment, spare parts package, and staff training on delivery.



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