Unit Export successfully supplied a dredger to the Ministry of Water and Energy in Ethiopia, which is now being used on Lake Tana to manage the depth of water around major populated areas such as Bahir Dar. This will not only ensure access for vessels for transport and commerce alike, but also maintaining sufficient water in the lake during drought conditions.

The cutter suction head can also be used for land reclamation and dredging of canals, rivers and drainage ways; it is therefore a versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of earth management purposes around Tana. The unit was also equipped with all necessary instruments and machinery including pontoons, operator’s cabin, dredge pump, deck spuds and crane.



After confirming design and technical characteristics with the Ministry, the dredger was manufactured by Italdraghe in Italy before being delivered to site in Ethiopia. To ensure quality was as required, the machine was fully inspected by marine surveyors and given full sea trials, whilst Unit Export visited the factory and the project site in Ethiopia to ensure the project ran smoothly.

For ease of shipping the dredger was disassembled before being containerised and then reassembled at the project site by the manufacturer’s engineers upon arrival. A full training programme was provided to the local engineers covering use of the machinery as well as periodic maintenance and spare parts were supplied.


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