Unit Export, with the support of MTE AG in Switzerland, supplied, installed and trained the customer in the use of one stationary electricity meter test bench and one portable electricity meter tester. The project was part of a financing agreement between the European Union and the Direccion General de Cooperacion Multilateral (DIGECOOM) in Dominican Republic.

It included all the accessories and Software needed for the testing and calibration of electricity meters for the benefit of the Metrology Laboratory for Measuring Electricity (LAMEDIG), a part of the General Directorate of Regulations and Quality (DIGENOR). The agency, through LAMEDIG, has the responsibility to inspect any cases where customers feel their meter has not been properly set up or suspects it has been tampered with.

The stationary test station is designed to test up to 10 three-phase electricity meters simultaneously and although a very technical project, the skills of first-class engineers and an export sales team contributed to satisfy the customer needs and expectations.

Upon receipt of the equipment, the customer stated: “this equipment represents an extraordinary contribution, as they allow that in the future the country has the means to ensure that national industry is able to demonstrate credibility in measurements that affect the production of goods”.


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