In an illustration of just how broad our procurement range can be, Unit Export were successfully awarded a contract to supply a Tourist Train to the Kopacki Rit Nature Park in Croatia for a project to aid tourism in the area through European Union funding.

The train was sourced from a company in Portugal and a final design/colour scheme was agreed with the project upon the signing of the final contract. The unit was then shipped through to the national park before unloading, inspection, commissioning and training for the operators took place.



The entire train consists of a 4×4 locomotive unit pulling 3 carriages, boasting 56 seats in total (2×20, 1×16), as well as wheelchair ramp access/securing in one carriage. It is now used to transport visitors from the local town and outlying car parks into the park itself and then on to various points of interest. This aims to reduce traffic within the park and provide a more environmentally friendly transport solution.



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