A contract through the European Development Fund (EDF) for the supply of 15m3 Roll Containers and Hook-Lift Trucks to transport filled containers; the equipment forms part of the Urban Development Programme for the town of Bangui and Bimbo in the Central African Republic.

The trucks selected were Renault 6×4 chassis rated at 26 tonnes payload, which were then shipped to Turkey to be equipped with 22 tonne hook-lift mechanisms manufactured by KIO group. The trucks will be used to transport waste in 15m3 roll containers, 40 of which were supplied to the project as part of the contract.



The finished trucks and containers were shipped through to Douala in Cameroon before beginning a 1400km journey over land to reach the land-locked nation. The containers were manufactured as self-assembly kits that were constructed at site in CAR in order to reduce transportation costs for the project.

All units were also supplied with a pre-determined list of spare parts and consumables.


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