A contract to supply an amphibious dredging unit to the Environmental Sanitation Program of the Reconquista River Basin with the Ministry of the Economy.

The dredger was sourced from a specialist company in Finland and was then shipped in pieces to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival Unit Export coordinated with local staff and engineers to reassemble the unit before training and tests were conducted over the course of 3 days by a representative from the manufacturer.

The self-propelled craft uses its excavator-like boom with interchangeable attachments to help it clear small scale waterways and uses ‘feet’ to drag itself from the water when work is completed. Dredging accessories supplied with the unit included:

  • 600L backhoe dredging attachment
  • Cutter suction dredging attachment with 550m3/h capacity for silt, sand, mud and sludge.
  • Rake attachment for removing reed, roots and other vegetation.   
  • Piling bucket for driving wood piles into soft soil in shallow water and on shore.
  • 600L clamshell bucket for minimal sediment disturbance (environmental dredging).
  • Service crane for lifting pipes and small objects 
  • 12m of dredging pipeline with floaters

This makes it a very versatile piece of machinery and is the perfect match for the requirements outlined to us by the World Bank funded project.

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