Over the course of two separate but closely-timed contracts, Unit Export supplied vehicles and motorcycles to Angola Government projects.

The first concerned the supply of Toyota vehicles – 16 x Hilux Double-cabs and 1 x Prado SUV – as well as 40 Honda ZL-125 motorcycles to the Smallholder Agriculture Development and Commercialization Project with the Ministry of Agriculture. SAMAP is backed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and is aimed at supporting the production and marketing of family farming products through small farmers to improve production techniques and increase crop productivity.

For a country that has over-relied on oil as a source of income and with the declining value per barrel, investment in farming is key to the country’s diversification in GDP. With SAMAP aiming to help 235,000 farm families, the vehicles supplied will provide the transport solution necessary for staff to visit these small and often remote smallholdings to provide the advice/equipment needed.

The second successful supply contract in Angola consisted of the supply of two hundred Honda XL-125 motorcycles to the Instituto Nacional de Estatísticas (National Institute for Statistics) in Luanda to again provide a transport solution for project staff.

Funded by the World Bank, the objective of the Angola Statistics Project is to strengthen the capacity of the National Institute for Statistics to fill data gaps, improve statistical production, and enhance statistical dissemination practices. Staff needed to be able to move around the country to complete their field work, collecting data on national account statistics, welfare, agricultural production, etc. so the motorcycles provide a robust and reliable solution.

Both the vehicles and motorcycles were shipped from Antwerp to Luanda before a full pre delivery inspection (and in the case of the motorcycles re-assembly) by their respective dealers’ in-country before final delivery to the client(s).

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